Version 2.6. A simple and versatile visual brainstorming software supporting a variety of visual templates and methods (incl. mind mapping).
The Headcase Mind Mapper is a reasonably priced mind mapping program that - according to some reviews- is still quite buggy.
Simple brainstorming tools with some visual support.
A comprehensive, high-quality mapping suite enabling concept and mind maps, as well as a variety of other formats, such as network diagrams or technical drawings.
Quite text-focused.
A very basic argument mapping software based on Java.
More than just a mapping tool, also a web browswer and navigator.
Supports a whole range of mapping methods, incl. Venn diagrams, bar charts, flow charts, org charts, and geographic maps.
Adobe's collaboration and virtual team room suite offers the capability to support group mapping.
Version 6.0, mostly focused on fault trees.
Belvedere is designed to help support problem-based collaborative learning scenarios with evidence and concept maps.
Includes Analytical Hiearchy Process method (AHP).
A low-budget mind mapping program.
Based on simple hexagon modelling/clustering. Also support scenario planning.
Based on the cognitive mapping approach, Banxia's decision explorer helps group clarify their rationale and reach consensus-based decisions.
Powersim is a commercial, full scale simulation and network diagramming software. It includes a front-end presentation engine called Studio.
Used mostly in the military and law enforcement community. Powerful analytic capabilies and data mapping functions.
Contains coordinated multiple views including similarity maps, paralleld coordinates and geographic maps.
By Microsoft
Only in German, mostly for workshop preparation and planning.
not yet very graphic, mostly query based.
An advanced argument mapping software based on the IBIS methodology.
Vor allem für gemeinschaftliche 3D-Modellierung.
Joint drawing based on an interactive whiteboard software.
formerlyThink Tools (Version 7.0)
hosted by the Parmenides Foundation and the European School of Governance in Berlin.
A straightforward, well designed mind mapping software for business and education.
A simple mapping tool that also supports other formats such as decision trees.
Straight forward concept mapping software, i.e., for use on interactive whiteboards.
Version 5.7. Powerful systen dynamics and simulation package.
A comprehensive yet easy-to-use mapping tool that includes more than 100 mapping methods and templates for group or individual use.
Very graphic but only limited capabilities. Mostly for workshop simulation and preparation.
A visually appealing simple mapping software to organize websites, documents or contacts, or simply - thoughts.
Novell's collaboration suite also offers limited mapping-oriented decision support functionalities.
The result of a European research project among various research institutes and companies applies the argument mapping approach to the virtual world.
Rationale is a visually appealing and modern argument mapping software.
A demanding argument analysis tool using Walton's argument script approach.
A straight forward, freeware based concept mapping tool from the university context.
Version 8 currently available. A low-cost, high quality concept mapping software for education and business with several useful templates.
A freeware based, basic mind mapping software.
Probably the leading mind mapping software on the market with numerous functionalities such as filter, import and export, as well as a large library of map templates.